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[31.05.2OO2] Who won from the presence of foreign ally in Kyrgyzstan? By . im

The squall of political events, having place in Kyrgyzstan recently, has damped passions, which flared up because of the quartering of foreign military in Kyrgyzstan. Our not numerous opposition was enthusiastic about the deployment of American air base in Manas. Dissatisfied with present power politicians and public men hoped on consolidation of American democracy in Kyrgyzstan.
The opposition reasonably suggested that its a best time for own work activation and open opposition to the countrys President. In principal, everything was calculated rightly. Yankee is really reputed as biggest democrat around the world. But, lets introduce clarity the matter concerns the protection of own interests. Exact this factor had not been taken into account by opposition.
Americans dont need distemper, disorders, and political instability in country, where quartering their contingent. All these peoples triumphs, of course, will come to the slogan: Yankee, get out of here! And do you really think that Americans will model such situation by own hands? Never!
USA needs quiet and stable country, without change of presidents, governments and other Latin-American versions. So, hoping on American support, the opposition obviously overestimated own potentialities.
Moreover, judging by how easy USA could come into possession of the main countrys airport and decided all disputed question in own favour, Americans have key, which open the hearts of the most inaccessible officials.
USA and allys air-force base in Manas has become a trump card, which passes by turns through players.
USA itself uses the base as a polygon for war in Afghanistan and bridgehead for fortification in Central Asia.
Opposition considered the military base as a guarantor of American support in the own struggle against the President and government, which, in their part, using the help of mass media, try to press on Americans and threaten them do not prolong the agreement about the terms of anti-terrorist forces stay in Kyrgyzstan.
It may be assumed that Americans are the most self-confident in this situation. And, that is why.
The question about further American quartering in Kyrgyzstan depends not even on President Bushs decision, but on USA Congress opinion. Meanwhile, many congressmen disputed the permanent stay of American military beyond the bounds of the country because of huge spending, which is paid by American tax-payers.
But, for the time being American has clear purpose the base will stay till end of anti-terrorist operation. And the matter concerns not only Afghanistan, but also other evil axis countries. Remarkable, its components can change with time.
The visit of Donald Ramsfeld, USA Ministry of defense, should be to determine the position of Kyrgyzstans leaders on terms of coalition forces stay. And judging from the joint statement of Ramsfeld and Akaev, the parties have reached a consensus. The President of Kyrgyzstan verified that quartering of the base of anti-terrorist coalition in the airport Manas provides regional stability and safety of Kyrgyzstan.
Americans can render habitable quietly own base and surroundings.
In order to the opposition does not lose the trust in American democracy, West has decided to sop. At nearest time it will be begun the construction of a publishing house, which will not refuse the publishing of the disagreeable newspapers. Moreover, the printing should be high-quality.
The hearsays about Americans material support to the opposition seem to be unlikely because of mentioned above reasons. Knowing American possibilities and their persistence in set task achievements, it is possible to suppose that if they will need, they are able to solve own problem in Kyrgyzstan without any opposition.
As to countrys leadership, it has gained from the Yankee presence at our territory. And the point is not that because of military base USA is forced to close the eyes on the obvious twists of the leaders of Democracy Island. It is important, Americans pay good money for every day of their stay. Unfortunately, it is not known to a certainty how this money is spent, but it is other topic.
In conclusion, it is possible to say that foreign contingent will stay in Kyrgyzstan as long as it needs American side. And, of course, the solution of this issue does not depend on our Parliament, which has already demonstrated to the electorate own gutta-percha waist.
Struggling for power opposition cannot figure on American help. Americans are not interested in destabilization in the country. Disagreeable with present regime people should figure only on own forces
The President, government and grey state cardinals may congratulate themselves with next victory deal with Americans brought good capital and political profits. But, this victory might be the Pyrrhic victory...
Moya stolitza, May 31, 2002

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