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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[06.06.2OO2] Interview with A.Madumarov, deputy of the JKs Legislative Assembly

President says about a coalition government. But judging by its members, there is no reason to say about coalition. Cadres are appointed depending on the degree of devoting to President. Probably, President will choose his successor among new vice-premiers. But for the time being President will just begin his political promotion: he will show him the world and present him to the world so that he will appear as official legitimate leader of the Kyrgyz government. Probably, the next government will make all guarantees for President to go away smoothly and leave his successor
Judging from Presidents statements and talks in the corridors, we will return to the one-house parliament, and parliaments authorities will be forced. President said about the need for Parliament implementation of election of judges, and confirmation of the governments members. Thus, the positions, which were lost after two referendums, come back the government will be accountable to the Parliament. It is normal situation, the classic balance between three branches of power. And no need to invent anything new, all of these are the old. And talking about President, his authorities will be curtailed to some extent, although he will be above the executive power, judicial authority and legislature.
Probably, as the presidential power in Kyrgyzstan has not authorized itself and in order to democratize more our country President will propound to create a parliamentary republic. If the parliament is formed according to the party lists, Akaevs team will be able to lead the own party there the party of power. In this case President may remain in power as a permanent speaker of the parliament. But I would not like to run ahead it is only forecast, but it is real way to stay in power as long as possible
We have talk for a long time that parliament comprising of two houses, 105 deputies in number, is unwarranted for country with the 4.5-million population, and causes damage to the state. One-house parliament with 75 deputies and authorities, which we had under the constitution of 1993, would be enough for Kyrgyzstan. If these positions are returned, I shall support such state structure, on the whole
I am not a member of any political party. And I make certain more and more that the thesis My party people is in the right. We have about 40 political parties in Kyrgyzstan. Tell me please which of them has made anything real? If we can create one big, real party on basis of 4-5 parties, we will be able to be politically influential and influence on power. I dont want to create my own party in order to be registered in the Department of Justice. But, in any case, tomorrow is with political parties
Obshestvenniy reiting, June 6, 2002

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