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[07.06.2OO2] Who are they: Otorbaev and Jumaliev .Karabaev

Based on the practice of manpower policy the new appointments should be read in the following way. Prime Minister and First Vice-Premier are the acting figures destined to reassure people. The attention should be drawn to the main persons - vice-prime-ministers Otorbaev and Jumaliev.
It is important to understand that for the present time Otorbaev and Jumaliev are the most probable successors of Kyrgyzstans President. They are like doubles of astronauts, which are if not fully, but partly, at least, interchangeable. Every one of them has own positive and negative sides. But, they will be promoted towards the coming election. And it is very likely that election will be ahead of schedule
First of all, lets talk about their commonalities. Why they were chosen? Otorbaev and Jumaliev are people closely connected with President. He knows them for almost 20 years. They are predictable. They do not propagate extremely harsh opinions. They have even-tempered and self-restrained character.
Pretenders features:
J. Otorbaev. He is considered as a good expert in the field of management. It is said that he has prestige with some of the international business elite. Working as a special representative of the President on attraction of direct investments, he has become acquainted with some of the international political elite. He is communicative and intelligent. He speaks English very well. He has not obvious enemy among present-day Kyrgyz politicians, he maintains equal relations with every body. He is actively supported by West. His weak sides are insufficient fame among the main electorate, absence of the support in the masses, gentle character, intelligence and absence of declamatory talent. In future, the fact that Otorbaev is closely connected to President and fully backs the Presidents policy can play negative role. Moreover, he is a native of Kemin.
K. Jumalievs main positive features are devotion and intimacy to the Presidents family. The formal positive features: he is from the South of republic, he held following posts: Head of Presidential Office, Prime Minister, oblast governor, and head of the biggest in the republic ministry. He speaks Kyrgyz language. His disadvantages: devotion and intimacy to the Presidents family (constituency does not like it), unsuccessful Prime Minister experience and caused by it widespread fame among constituency, absence of support in the masses, and absence of declamatory talent.
In any case, the government will not change own policy. President Akaev said about it at the meeting with journalists in open air on May 31. He said that the CDF program is implemented in the republic now, and whoever it may come to the government will implement it. So, till 2010 the future President will conform to the policy of Kyrgyzstans Complex Development Framework, which was proposed by Western donors (creditors). And President will be elected taking into consideration creditors wishes.
Agym, June 7, 2002

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