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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[20.06.2OO2] Supporters of Deputy Beknazarov begin a march to Osh City

About 2,500 people gathered in the southern town of Jalal-Abad on 20 June and about 500 of them began a march to Osh City, the second city of the country and the biggest one in the south. They demand President Askar Akayev and several other officials to resign, to acquit Deputy Azimbek Beknazarov, and to bring to justice those responsible for the Aksy bloodshed happened last March. They also protest against transferring the Kyrgyz territories to China. However, the press service for Interior Ministry reports from Bishkek there is no march to Osh at all.
About 1,500 people held protest pickets along the Bishkek-Osh highway near the town of Tash-Komur 5-12 June and then marched to Jalal-Abad, arriving it on 17 June. The Jalal-Abad regional court planned considering an appeal by Beknazarov on 18 June but changed the place of the trial on 17 June, setting it to be held in Toktogul town. Beknazarov rejected going to Toktogul and the trial was postponed till 24 June. Thousands of people held pickets in Jalal- Abad on 17-19 June demanding to acquit Beknazarov. Distance between Tash-Komur and Jalal-Abad is about 150 kilometers and between Jalal- Abad and Osh about 100 kilometers.
RFE/RL Kyrgyz News, June 20, 2002

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