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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[24.02.23] Weak Institutions and Corruption Reduce Kyrgyz Anti-poverty Drive

Weak institutions of power and corruption are diminishing the effectiveness of the campaign to reduce poverty in Kyrgyzstan, a representative of the UNDP [United National Development Program] in Kyrgyzstan, Jerzy Skuratowicz, noted at the second national forum on poverty reduction in the Kyrgyz Republic. He said that poverty reduction was one of the main tasks of the United Nations Organization. He noted that there was a need to work together to do everything possible to reduce poverty in Kyrgyzstan, since poverty was not only about a shortage of money but also a problem of all areas of life. He also pointed out that it was necessary to strengthen state government in order to combat poverty. Skuratowicz stressed out that the UNDP was ready to continue cooperation with Kyrgyzstan in this area in future. " I believe," Skuratowicz said, "that the joint efforts of the UNDP, the UNICEF, the WHO and other international organizations will promote poverty reduction in Kyrgyzstan."

Eurasianet, February 24, 2003

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