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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[26.02.23] Poverty Down by 10%

National Strategy for Poverty Reduction is a is a key program for 2003. The whole scope of social-economic measures this year will be concentrated on fulfilling the objective to reduce poverty by at least 5% - announced the President of the KR A. Akaev. Economic growth rate of 6% and price stability (inflation of no higher than 5%) are necessary to provide for that. Real income of the population should go up by 8-10% on average.
In the recent years GDP was growing at about 3,5% a year. Inflation has gone down to the European standards and amounted to 2,3% in 2002. Economic growth and price stability along with social protection measures and encouraging business activity are the main factors to account for poverty reduction. The level of poverty went down by 10% and marginal level of poverty by 11%. In the period of 2000-2001 more than 300 thousand people through out the country have managed to overcome poverty - more than 100 thousand of them - thanks to micro finance and social mobilization programs
This year state budget expenses for healthcare, education, social protection will go up to 7,5 bln soms Additional measures, such as increase in social tariff payments, will be introduced as well. W.W.II veterans and disabled citizens, including those partaking in 1999-2000 Batken events and Chernobyl will get a 300-som raise in their benefits. Teachers and doctors will get a 15-20% salary raise this year, depending on their qualifications. A decree has been signed to provide for 20% increase of the unified monthly payments. MIA employees will get a 50% salary raise. Local government employees can expect a raise in 2003 as well

Kyrgyzstan v MK, February 26, 2003

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