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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[13.03.23] Hardly 50% of Kyrgyz Entrepreneurs Are Positive About the Future of Their Business

48% of the Kyrgyz entrepreneurs are confident that their business will expand (36% in the Chui oblast, 62% in Osh and Talas), 18% are pessimistic about their undertakings, reported representatives of Small and Medium Size Business Development (SMSB) program, sponsored by EuropAid (former TACIS), at the press conference held in Bishek on March 13, 2003.
The first national survey was conducted among the Kyrgyz entrepreneurs in July-August of 2002 in the framework of the program. The objective of the survey was to provide the Kyrgyz government and international organizations with accurate and timely information that will help them elaborate and implement the strategy for SMSB development in the country.
According to N.Joldoshev, director of PROMA the performer of the survey, 3022 businessmen from enterprises with different legal status were interviewed during the event. According to the survey only 27% of the respondents can afford paying taxes. 56% replied negative to the question. 88% of the entrepreneurs have never dealt with external funding.
Among the main problems named by the Kyrgyz businessmen are lack of financial resources and poor access to credits, low purchasing capacity of the population, increased tax and customs barriers. Among essential government priorities entrepreneurs pointed out reforming the tax system and lowering taxes, cutting on bureaucratic interference and check ups.
37% of the respondents are involved in trade, 32% - in agriculture, 10% - in industry, 7% - education and social services, 6% - in tourism, cafes and hotels.
NA AKIpress, March 13, 2003

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