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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[25.03.2OO3] Fuel and Lubricating Materials Excise Tax Rate Lowered

To tackle the problem with illegal import of fuel and lubricating materials (FLM), engulfing the Kyrgyz market, Government of the KR adopted a resolution on revision of FLM excise tax rates and took preventive measures against FLM contraband. Starting April 4, the excise tax imposed on import of gasoline, will be lowered from 3 thousand soms down to 1,5 thousand soms (about 31 dollars) per ton and excise tax on import of diesel oil - from 800 soms down to 500 soms (10,5 dollars) per ton. The most widely-used type of gasoline - A-80, sold by the gas stations at 12,5 soms (0,27 dollars) in March, is likely to sell at 9 soms (whole-sale price) and 10,5 11 soms (retail price). Diesel oil will sell at 8,5 8,5 soms and 9,5 soms correspondingly.
To prevent contraband import of FLM into the country, Kyrgyz Government issued a temporary resolution to suspend customs-free import regime of diesel and furnace oil, black oil, oil and natural gas liquids, crude oil and oil products into Free Trade Areas Karakol (Issuk-Kul oblast), Naryn (Naryn oblast), Maimak (Talas oblast).
KNNA Kabar, March 25, 2003

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