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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[16.04.23] Kyrgyz Opposition Party Official Questions Russian Base

Emil Aliev, a leader of the opposition Ar-Namys Party, stated that creation of the Russian air base in Kyrgyzstan is motivated by political rather than military considerations. Russian military officials involved in the establishment of the air base near the town of Kant have asserted that the base will help maintain stability in Central Asia. Aliev pointed out that the older types of aircraft the Russian military proposes to station at Kant have just proven in Iraq that they cannot compete with U.S. weaponry. He also noted that the U.S. commanders at the Kyrgyz air base being used by the international antiterrorism coalition to support its activities in Afghanistan have stated that it is U.S. policy to counter any manifestation of international terrorism wherever it occurs. If there is a specific threat that would affect Kyrgyzstan, they would consult with the Kyrgyz government about dealing with it. Asked about Ar-Namys support for U.S. actions in Iraq, Aliev denied that it was motivated by a desire to gain support for the party abroad.
The Times of Central Asia, April 16, 2003

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