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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[22.04.23] Kyrgyzstan Will Provide Russia with A List of Enterprises, Potentially Attactive For Russian Investors

Kyrgyzstan will provide Russia with a list of enterprises, potentially profitable and attractive for Russian investors, reported N.Tanaev, Prime Minister of the KR.
According to the Prime Minister, he and I.Klebanv, Russian minister for industry, science and technology during their recent meeting in Moscow reached an agreement to send a working group of experts to Kyrgyzstan in May. They will determine a list of enterprises, that Russian investors might take an interest in.
N.Tanaev specified that for the most part the list will include enterprises that supplied goods to Russia during the Soviet times.
Russian investors will be able to either buy out state-owned share of the stock, take over management or invest directly into certain enterprises.
RNA "Novosti", April 22, 2003

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