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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[22.04.23] Business Incubators to Fight Poverty

Business incubators might become the main means for realization of the national strategy for poverty reduction, states Zamira Akbagysheva, President of the Congress of the Kyrgyz Women. "Eurasia Foundation", USAID contractor, backed up the first business incubator the country. Local experts believe that it is a very efficient way to involve people into entrepreneurial activities. Incubators are most common in border trade operations between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.
One country provides territory and the other educates novice businessmen. German society for technical cooperation and TACIS helped start up a business incubator in the Kyrgyz republic. G.Fidder, President of the international foundation "Spice" emphasized that Kyrgyzstan will be assisted in starting up new business incubators.
NA "Kyrgyz Press", April 22, 2003

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