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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[26.05.23] Mayors Office: Local Tax on Lubricants Might Be Reconsidered in the South Capital

To improve socio-economic situation in the region and regulate trade of lubricants, mayor's office in the South capital is determined to lower local tax rate on gasoline, kerosene and some other lubricants announced J.Satybaldiev, the mayor of the South capital.
This measure is intended to address the issue of smuggled lubricants. The mayor admits that authorities have encountered numerous problems trying to deal with illegal trade. Women involved in it threatened self-immolation if police restricted them from selling lubricants.
Due to the fact, the mayor's office will lower some local tax rates to make legal trade more attractive for the citizens. So far most of the proceeds from the sale are left in the pockets of smugglers. And even in spite of the poor quality of the product, most people are still more apt to buying cheap gasoline.
NL "Obshestvennyi Reiting", May 26, 2003

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