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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[27.05.23] 21 Companies Listed with the Kyrgyz Stock Exchange

It is the second year running that JSC "Kyrgyztelecom" remains the only issuer of A-category stock listed with Kyrgyz Stock Market. JV "Asia Universal Bank", JV "KazCommerceBank Kyrgyzstan", "Ecobank", "Kyrgyzpromstroibank" and JV "Elvest", "Bishkek Sut", SJV "Chemical-Iron Plant", JV and "Kara-Balta Mining Plant" all fall in the B-category stock. 12 joint stock companies make up the C-stock group - among them "Bank Bakai", "Aalam", "Nur" plant Overall, there are 21 companies listed with the Kyrgyz stock market.
In 2001 Kyrgyz Stock Market introduced new rules for the companies to be listed the procedures are less strict now granted they (companies) are in accord with the Kyrgyz legislature. For the campaniles to be listed in the A-category, their equity capital has to be at least 10 mln dollars, they have to operate with no losses, have an auditor from the "Big Five", a market maker - a broker to provide for liquidity of the stock in the stock market. If a company doesn't meet at least on of these requirements, it is automatically placed in a lower category.
During the 8 years that Kyrgyz Stock Exchange has been operating "Kyrgyzstan" Bank has been in the lead with 3492 deals conducted. It is followed by "Promstroibank" with 2988 deals and JSC "Bakai" with 2528 deals
Kyrgyz Stock Market reports that in 2002 JSC "Reemtsma - Kyrgyzstan" had the highest volume of trading - 958,4 mln soms followed by "Kairat Bank" - 319,9 mln soms and "Kan cement factory" - 302,2 mln soms
NA "AKIpress", May 27, 2003

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