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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[02.06.23] Independent Kyrgyz Media Meet With Security Officials

Heads of independent media outlets in Kyrgyzstan attended a seminar in Bishkek along with officials from the National Security Service (SNB) and other law enforcement agencies and members of local governments to discuss freedom of expression and the fight against extremism and terrorism. According to the SNB press service, the seminar dealt with the legal basis of independent media and the responsibilities of journalists in reporting on conflict situations. Kyrgyzstan's independent media are frequently quite negative in their assessments of the role of the SNB and other law enforcement agencies in dealing with civil disobedience and other forms of protest. The local officials taking part in the seminar were shown various types of homemade explosive devices and advised on how to recognize preparations for terrorist acts. Although the Kabar report did not specifically say so, the seminar seems to have been an SNB initiative.
KNNA Kabar/National Security Service Press Center, June 02, 2003

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