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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[11.06.23] Officially Unregistered Religious Organization Hizb-Ut-Tahrirs Members Have Been Brought to Court in Bazar-Korgon

Jalal-Abad. Today Bazar-Korgon regional court made a verdict on two brothers: Yakubjan and Akmedjan Haldarov. According to human rights activist Azimjan Askarov, who participated in the close court proceedings, they were indicted according to the article 299 "Crime and Punishment", but they did not confess their guilt and there were no evidences to accuse them. "For calling people not to vote in March for akims since they were not elected according to the Islamic Law and for calling to establish an Islamic country and for opposing the war of US in Iraq" Yakubjan has been imprisoned to 3 years in high security regime. As for Ahmedjan Haldarov, he was imprisoned to 3 years in medium security regime. In the last week, Jalal-Abad city court also has imprisoned with the same grounds, Tahirdin Ishembaev, 20, who was also from Bazar-Korgon region. Currently, 5 members of this party are in Investigation-Isolation Center. They are also accused of distributing ideological leaflets. These kinds of court proceedings have been common in Kyrgyzstan.
Eurasianet, June 11, 2003

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