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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[13.08.24] Kyrgyzstan intensifies cooperation with American states

New doctrine of Kyrgyzstan-USA relations was a success: the number of American states, embraced by it, soon, by forecasts, would double. Next fall, the governance of Kyrgyzstan would visit Utah and Texas. Later, as expected, the cooperation and Pennsylvania and California would begin, informed the Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan in United States and Canada Baktybek Abdrisayev at the news agency KyrgyzInfo.
The most important, according to Abdrisayev, is to interest Californian authorities with prospects of cooperation.
Several perspective projects promise cooperation, initiated by Kyrgyzstan with Utah. This state expects delegation from Bishkek in the nearest months. The Texas also prepares for the arrival of eminent guests. The Prime Minister Nikolay Tanayev would visit it in fall.
The number of friendly American territories may be replenished by Pennsylvania also. Recently, the delegation, involving congressman from this state visited Kyrgyzstan. According to Baktybek Abdrisayev, the will is to shift the accent of Kyrgyz-American relations from traditional assistance programs to business cooperation.
KyrgyzInfo, August 13, 2004

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