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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[28.05.2OO2] From interview with director of state employment department A. Ryskulova

The statistical data on Kyrgyzstans labor market for last four months is disturbing again. Amount of redundant workers is in 1.2 times more than amount of called-in employee. 88.8 thousand unemployed are registered on the books of state placement service. Unemployment level has achieved 8%.
Therefore, daily effective activity of the placement service on job placement, retraining, micro-crediting of the unemployed is very important: 11 thousand unemployed, or 41%, of 26.9 thousand of making a request people were placed in a job during January-April. It is 5% greater than same period of last year. 7 thousand people have got temporarily paid job; 3 thousand people have been directed on training and retraining courses; 1.2 thousand have got micro-credits totaled 9 million soms.
But because of several reasons not all of jack out of office hurry at the state placement service or private employment agency
Located in the center of Bishkek the spontaneous labor market in the open air is called as labor exchange. From 300 to 600 people ejected at the lifes edge people are forced also to stay everyday in the edge of Gandi prospect (former Molodaya Gvardia prospect) without regard to rain or heat. Someone earns additionally to the main earnings. Many of them are on the staff of the standing enterprises. Even greater of those, who came from out-of-the-way places and suburban areas and have not city registration.
...The Association of employment extension and Bishkek placement department conduct the constant monitoring, which gives an accurate account of the actual state of affairs at the spontaneous exchange.
452 participants of street hiring were interrogated last month. 157 of them were from Naryn oblast, 97 from Issyk-Kul, 54 from Talas, 113 from Bishkek and Chui oblast. In connection with seasonal works the amount of unemployed at the spontaneous exchange rise every day. Negative moments of street hiring are well-known.
The present street labor exchange is extreme, the way to nowhere
The tendency to unemployment increasing and working places closing remains. And, it is the most important that unemployment becomes younger. Among officially registered unemployed 52% is people younger 35 years old. Their ranks are enlarged at the expense of graduating students. By May 1, the state placement service has recognized as unemployed 63 thousand people, 10% of them have high education, 23% - specialized secondary education.
...Many things in unemployed destiny depends on well-coordinated activity of the state placement service. Provincial, municipal, and regional administrations, placement centers, association of employment extension, youth labor exchange every year increase quantitative and qualitative indexes of own daily assistance to the unemployed. Professional consultations, attraction to the temporarily paid works, crediting, resulting vacancy fairs, creation of business-incubators, granting of benefits all of these, undoubtedly, stabilize the labor market.
Supported by TACIS project the system of unemployed retraining gathers the positive turns. It is already today the state employment department conducts actively the local labor markets analysis and studies the labor demand.
...The placement service is planning to create the special subdivision on labor migration.
Initialization of the legal labor market constriction is one of the new perspective undertakings of the state employment department. This project has been supported by Bishkeks city administration, which placed at the state employment departments disposal 0.16 hectare at the intersection of Malyshev and Kurenkeev streets for construction of the labor exchange. The project has been already developed; architect program and design estimates have been executed. Predicted construction budget is 841 thousand soms.
...The state employment service, hoping on understanding, support and possible financial assistance from the direction of International migration service, made a request to its head, Mrs. K. Rey. Participation of the international migration service in creation of labor exchange is naturally as formation and growth of spontaneous labor market in Bishkek is caused by growth of migration processes.
Legal labor exchange is a real daily support to the unemployed, attention from the direction of specialists: social workers, psychologists, sociologists, and volunteers.
Slovo Kyrgyzstana, May 28, 2002

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