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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[26.01.2OO3] HIV Threat in the South

City Center for Fighting AIDS at Osh City Hall reported 118 registered cases of HIV infected individuals in the southern capital. 40% of them are young people of 15-30, 21 are serving a prison term.
Osh is followed by Karasu district with 45 HIV affected people. S. Suranbaev, head of City Center for Fighting AIDS states that over 41.4% of people with the disease were registered in the crowded areas of the city bazaar, luli-mahallya and the Aravanskaya St., transit roads and entertainment places.
Considering that Osh is not a big city, protecting the privacy of the diseased people might turn into a real problem. Doctors comment that only the very close people know about the diagnosis, family names of the patients are encoded and not mentioned in their medical history. Only the doctors can read them. As most of HIV affected individuals are drug addicts, local government is trying to tackle that problem as well legalizing some of the light drugs. NGOs have opened up stations for free exchange of the used syringe into the new ones. There is a special center for 35-40 drug addicts willing to fight the addiction. So far the City Hall provides scarce funding for all of these programs.
Private Doctors Licenses are also issued by the City Center for Fighting AIDS at Osh City Hall along with monitoring city dentists activities. They are in the risk group as well. A number of dentist hospitals were fined recently and a few were shut down due to some gross violations.
"A&F" Kyrgyzstan, #4 January, 2003

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