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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[13.03.23] Kyrgyz High School Students are Better at Math than at Physics and Chemistry

Monitoring of basic education in Kyrgyzstan revealed that 20% of elementary school children fail to meet the program requirements. The number goes up to 40-50% in middle school according to L. Miroshnichenko, head of strategy and prognosis department at the ministry of education and culture (MEC) of the KR.
Chemistry and physics tests conducted in the regions (developed by UNESCO) revealed that 70% of the children fail to master the school program in these subjects. However, math scores are high compared to the standards, set by the program.
Low scores in chemistry and physics have to do with lack of teachers, poor funding and the fact that UNESCO tests are not quite adapted to the educational system of the country, believe MEC specialists.
According to L. Miroshnichenko, Kyrgyz students are regular high school kids, no different from students in any other Central Asian republic and actually ahead of them in math scores.
According to the National Statistics Committee, about 3 thousand school age children dont attend school for various reasons. MEC reports that it is rather 16 thousand.
NA AKIpress, March 13, 2003

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