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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[01.04.23] Excerpt from the Interview with T.Abdurasulova, LA JK Deputy

At the present time Im elaborating a draft law on domestic (internal) migration, especially for the Southern regions with scarce availability of land. For instance, there are 211 thousand people, living in Nookat and 3,5 sotkas of land per capita. Southerners are forced to migrate to the Chui valley because of unemployment. These internal migrants need schools, kindergartens, pensions, social benefits etc.. And all of this has to be in accordance with the law. MIA Migration Service should operate as a separate entity.
As about external labor migration, deputies M.Sultanv, A.Madumarov and I visited Kazakhstan and Ekaterinburg and met our countrymen there. Starting November 1, 2003, a new law was introduced in Russia that considerably worsened the situation of our labor migrants there. Mutual agreements between the two countries are not observed_ I believe that migration services have to maintain offices at the railroad stations to provide people with migration cards. Many Kyrgyzstani dont know where and how to apply for one. Migration services for support the workers have to be opened in the cities with large communities of Kyrgyz labor migrants.
Russian and Kyrgyzstan have signed an agreement to allow Kyrgyz labor migrants preferential labors terms. So far, this document is only in force on paper Russia is protecting the rights of its citizens in Kyrgyzstan and we should do the same there.
Agym, April 01, 2003

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