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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[08.04.23] Kyrgyzstan Has Tightened Border Control Measures To Prevent The Spreading of SARS

Kyrgyzstan has tightened medical inspection measures for the people arriving from abroad due to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) epidemics.
Health ministry reports that there have no been registered SARS cases among those entering the republic.
However, chief sanitary inspector the country, L.Shteinke, still issued a resolution "On the measures to prevent the spreading of SARS" for sanitary quarantine posts of airports "Manas" and "Osh" along with border posts "Torugart", "Irkeshtam" and railroad station "Bishkek-2".
Besides, stewardesses and railroad conductors have all been given detailed instructions and recommended to wear respiratory masks.
Incubation period for the disease is 3-10 days. The main symptoms are: high fever, headache, dry cough, short breath and running nose.
RNA "Novosti", April 08, 2003

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