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[29.05.23] We Will Have Our Own Newton, Pythagore

The final decision of building the Academic gymnasium for talented children of the country on the shore of Issyk-Kul Lake was taken. The idea belongs to our first lady Mairam Akaeva, she dreamed about that for a long time. We had an opportunity to have an interview with the initiator of this great project for the Kyrgyzstani children.
Q: When this idea came to you?
A: During the study in the doctorantura, I was taking part in the scientific conference in Moscow. We are the students from Leningrad, visited the school for talented children under the support of International State University in Moscow. We attended their lessons of math, physics, chemistry, their living at that school. I started dreaming about the building such school in Kyrgyzstan directed on physics and math for talented children. I have been making inquiries of such schools in St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk Universities that graduate students became prominent scientists in the world. Last year, during the official visit to Sweden Kingdom I have visited the similar school in Stockholm founded in 1890. I've got acquainted with school pupils and teachers, there are well-equipped laboratories, I've learned their way of study, being more confident in my dream come true.
Q: Mairam Duyshenovna, probably, many will ask: why talented kids, what about ordinary boys and girls, orphans, invalids, homeless?
A: How come?! What about SOS-children's village in Bishkek and Cholpon-Ata, gymnasium after the name Herman Hmainer, Development House for invalid children? Whom we are building medico-rehabilitation complex "Altyn Balalyk"? My conscience is true, first of all, we are thriving to care about homeless, sick and vulnerable children. Why should not we think about talented kids who are the hopes of the nation, our wealth, their intellect and capabilities will influence on the future of the republic.
Q: Who is the financial source of the new project?
A: First, I want to express my gratitude to Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic Nikolai Timofeevich Tanaev. I shared my dream with many people. But when I just mentioned about that, he was the first who supported me, and made some negotiations with some grant-givers. The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran will allocate the grant for the construction. Kyrgyz side will build dorms and sport buildings. Soon the work will start. I want to contribute also, soon my new book will come to light in Moscow and its income from the sell will be given directly to this project.
Q: Mairam Duyshenovna, Why the gymnasium will be situated in Issyk-Kul, why not in the capital?
A: When I talked to professionals-scientists about this idea, they assured me to build the school in Bishkek. But I did not agree with them, Issyk-Kul is miracle, it has unbelievable aura. Issyk-Kul presented to Kyrgyzstan many scholars, composers, manaschy, and other creative persons. I think that it would be very useful to invite prominent teachers of math, physics to teach and deliver the lectures. As you know they are very busy, and it is very hard to get their agreement. They have no time to relax, I know it by my husband. Thus, I offer to teach and relax on the shore of Issyk Kul at the same time, it could attract many well-known teachers. We will make study schedule more flexible, we will make summer holidays in winter, for instance, from May to September there will be lessons with professors and teachers from around the world. And in winter teachers and pupils will go abroad to practice. I think it will help us to develop, and improve our staff, to have a steady base for further development.
Q: Where exactly Academic gymnasium will be placed?
A: In Cholpon-Ata, nearby the complex "Altyn Balalyk" and children's village. It will be trio-union, which will play a huge role in the development, upbringing, health, education and integration of our children. And also Issyk-Kul will be not only tourists' place but educational. I hope, our gymnasium will be the school of Pythagor, Ahunbaevs, Reserfords, Imanalievs who will make fame our Kyrgyz land.
Q: What else you dream about?
A: First, it is to finish all construction works. Now it is time to finish "Altyn Balalyk" construction. There are many problems, especially financial. But we are doing our best, at the end of July the first bloc of the building- functional-diagnostic center could start its work, which will be the significant medical center not for the region, but for the whole country. And mostly, I dream that our children will be smart, well-educated, spiritually wealthy, healthy, real patriots of the country. The future of our country depends on them only.
Slovo Kyrgyzstana /KNNA Kabar, May 29, 2003

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