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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[31.03.24] Kyrgyz President calls for new legislation

Askar Akaev addressed a joint session of the Kyrgyz parliament on 31 March, asking legislators to make every effort to pass new legislation to bring Kyrgyzstan's laws into line with the country's constitution, akipress.org reported the same day. The president urged lawmakers to focus on laws that are crucial to the country's economic development. Akaev singled out the following types of legislation: laws to ensure economic growth and strengthen the banking system; laws to foster sound management principles and foster the development of the political system; and laws to provide help and protection for underprivileged and vulnerable segments of the population.
and signs bills into law 
President Akaev's press service announced on 31 March that the president signed a number of important bills into law on 28 March, akipress.org reported on 31 March. Akaev signed bills amending the Criminal Code, establishing narcotics controls, and changing laws on notaries. The changes to the Criminal Code were necessitated by the new drug law, which establishes the legal status and functions of the state's antinarcotics agency. The changes to notary legislation concern the licensing and operations of private-sector notaries.
NA AKIpress, March 31, 2004

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