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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[12.05.24] Collaboration is must for Central Asian states to fight terror - US diplomat

The USA will make every effort to encourage collaboration between Central Asian countries because this represents essential conditions for countering terrorism and other manifestations of evil, the US ambassador to Kyrgyzstan, Stephen Young, has said at a conversation with the leadership of Kyrgyzstan's [eastern] Naryn Region during a visit.
The US ambassador showed interest in prospects for the social and economic development of this mountainous region, in its priorities and also in the Kyrgyz Republic's cooperation with its closest neighbors in the CIS and with China.
Stephen Young sincerely thanked the Kyrgyz border guards, doctors and local authorities for the aid given in rescuing US citizens during the recent air crash in the mountains [a helicopter with over 20 people on board crashed near the Chinese border on 15 March 2004]. He personally visited these structures to express gratitude to their heads. The ambassador also met students of the Kyrgyz National State University and the leaders of non-governmental organizations working for USAID programs.
KyrgzInfo/Eurasianet, May 12, 2004

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