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Kyrgyzstan Review, 10 years ago

[07.03.2OO2] On a new amendment to the Law on Compulsory Military Service

    Q: A new amendment to the Law on Compulsory Military Service of the Kyrgyz Republic citizens provides period of military service reduced from 1.5 to one year. The bill provides a chance to officially buy off from military service by contributing money equal to one active service soldier's annual allowance that is about 25,000 soms. In your opinion, how this 'ransom' would affect annual conscription and the army's logistics?

    I. Isakov, parliamentary Legislative Assembly deputy:
    …If a young man doesn't want to soldier for some reasons why delivering him there by force? Those will be good for nothing. It's better giving them legal chance not to serve. If you don't want to soldier and you can pay, so pay to the State and stay home.
To my mind the introduction of the 'pay-off' system will by no means impair annual conscription. In our country the conscription resource is 10-12 times higher than the requirement. There will be no shortage of conscripts both in terms of quantity and quality. Hence we can be quite resolute doing this step and apprehend no impairments to military readiness of our armed forces. On the contrary their military readiness will only increase... 

Obshestvenny Reaiting, March 7, 2002

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